Made to Prevent Mask Acne



Blocks Aerosols & Droplets Carrying COVID-19


Ultra Soft

Face Contouring

Uses Japanese Patented Technology

Protect yourself before you can protect others.

With a deep sense of social and environmental responsibility, we are launching an antimicrobial, anti-viral, water repellent fabric (Prevents Aerosol Viral Transmission), reusable fabric face mask. The mask will provide protection for yourself and those around you by preventing COVID-19 transmission.

Compared with traditional masks, these masks may also provide improved level of protection to frontline workers compared with standard disposable masks.

Me-Masks are differentiated from any other standard masks on the market by their international tested* ability to protect the user as much as others.

99.98% Reduction 1, Water Repellant 2, & 30 Washes Reusable3

* Tested for anti-bacterial, anti-viral and water-repellent properties at Intertek (UK) and NEQC (Japan)

1 Testing (AATCC100 standard – Antimicrobial fabric performance) = % of reduction greater than 99.98 %

2 Quality Evaluation Center (Japan standard, JIS L 1092 – testing of textile’s water repellence)

3 Quality Evaluation Center (Japan standard, JIS L 1902:2015) – determined antimicrobial activity and efficacy following up to 30 normal wash = % of antibacterial activity and efficacy remaining after 30 washes compared with the original activity.

Unique Technology

  • Unique, patented Japanese technology is used to produce the proprietary material to manufacture the masks. The dual layer construction of the masks provides for the following proprietary benefits:
  • The mask has confirmed antiviral and antimicrobial properties attributed to nano copper and nano silver implanted into the fabric. Therefore, these masks PROTECT THE USER while also protecting OTHERS.

Hydrophobic Outer Layer (Mask #1)

  • The outer-layer of the mask is hydrophobic that is coated with a patented water-repellent coating - a water resistant polymer impregnated in the fabric.
  • The CDC has states that “respiratory droplets and more so aerosols” are the primary mechanism for transmission.
  • The hydrophobic nature of the outer layer makes penetration of reparatory droplets or aerosols much less likely to reach the wearer of the mask since they are repelled.

Antimicrobial & Antiviral Inner Layer (Mask #2)

  • If those virus carrying droplets manage to be successful in getting through the outer layer, they meet the colloidal silver and copper barrier which are anti-viral and antibacterial – a second layer of protection implanted in the mask and focusing on the person wearing the mask as well as the others.
  • This UNIQUE double coating ensures safety for the user and community.


  • Me-Mask may prevent and mitigate mask acne.
  • Mask retains its protective benefits after over 30 washes.
  • Designed for the prolonged wear as well as everyday needs this mask is especially important for those who need to wear the mask for multiple hours per day, and for the elderly and children that require extra comfort to maintain sustainable protection.
  • Mask is superbly comfortable, breathable, and easily conforms to an individual’s face.
  • Me-Mask is easily hand washed in cold or warm soapy water and air dries in less than 60 minutes.
  • Me-Mask is environmentally responsible by being reusable for up to 30 times and at the end of its use when disposed is biodegradable.